ULI Millennials Survey

The Urban land Institute (ULI) is conducting a research project to study how cities can maintain millennials as they age and form families. The ULI seeks as many people as possible to take the survey, and has tapped Bozzuto, Avalon Bay, and Kettler as well as DCBIA, NAIOP, and ULI to push the survey out through their young leader programs and through blogs and social media. A presentation of the results will be given in the fall. From there, Yolanda Cole of Hickok Cole Architects plans to pursue the issue on the government/policy side in the District of Columbia.

If you are between the ages of 20-37 and live inside the beltway, please take the survey ASAP and pass the link on to all of your friends! All answers are anonymous and no personal information will be shared.


The Urban Land Institute’s Washington District Council is conducting an opinion survey about living in the Washington, DC area and it older suburbs and the factors that will shape whether young adults stay in an urban neighborhood 3+ years from now or move elsewhere.  We are looking for Millennials ages 20-37 this year who live in the District of Columbia or in the suburbs inside the Beltway.  Respondents can be single or married, with or without children, homeowners or renters, as long as they meet the age and location criteria for participation.

Take the ULI Millennials Survey


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