Submissions being accepted for IAWA’s 30th Anniversary Exhibition

For the 18th UIFA Congress, being held July 26–31, the International Archive of Women in Architecture (IAWA) and L’Union Internationale des Femmes Architectes (UIFA) unite in an unprecedented collaboration to exhibit and elucidate the woman’s influence in the field of architecture along with the other design related disciplines centered on four important areas of interest – construction, research, education and practice.

Entries are now being accepted for the 30th Anniversary IAWA Exhibition, which will run during the Congress. The IAWA Center will create a digital exhibit, honoring its 30th anniversary, to be on view during the 18th UIFA Congress as a virtual means of browsing the archive and discovering its holdings.

Additionally, to honor the IAWA’s 30th Anniversary, the archive will reserve a space for the work of each Congress delegate and invites each delegate to submit a digital image of an original work, a photographic portrait, and CV to be included in the archive.

Full submission guidelines can be found at the UIFA website.


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