NDC Maryland Visioning Workshop, Oct. 10

The Hyattsville Neighborhood Design Center is hosting a Visioning Workshop at 10am on 10.10.2015 to assist a local visual arts non-profit (ART WORKS NOW!) explore design ideas for its new home at 4800 Rhode Island Avenue, Hyattsville, Md.

This site has been sitting vacant for about 15 years and was recently acquired by the Barbara Johnson, the executive director of Art Works Now! (yes, the exclamation point is part of the name). The project is receiving quite a bit of attention from local community groups, politicians and funders. The other exciting bit is that this location is key in reclaiming the southern part of Route 1 from the 1960s auto-dominated, anti-pedestrian commercial model.

Art Works Now! is a great group of creatives who want to explore the intersections of environmental design and visual arts potential. They are particularly interested in identifying locations where stormwater can be highlighted and celebrated. Their county is offering quite a bit of funding for groups creatively addressing stormwater management so we would like to help them take advantage! NDC will bring base plans, drawing supplies and files to upload to your computer. We want you to be comfortable in your design space, bring what you need to be at your best.

The full schedule is available via PDF: art-works-proposed-visioning-workshop-schedule_ve_2.pdf

For more information, please reach out to Kelley Oklesson LEED AP, CPH, NDC Program Manager and ISA Certified Arborist at koklesson[at]ndc-md[dot]org


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