Wanted: 2016 Graphics Advisor!

Do you enjoy graphic design? Have a knack for making eye-catching and memorable event flyers? Looking to get more involved in the committee? You’re in luck. The EAC is looking for a Graphics Advisor for the 2016 calendar year! The Graphics Advisor provides support for the committee’s social media team and program leaders by leading the overall branding and graphic design language for the committee. The Graphics Advisor is one of four Advisory roles on the EAC. You can learn more about the EAC’s leadership structure here: 2016 EAC Position Descriptions

General duties include but are not limited to the following:

  • Attend all monthly committee meetings
  • Support the Communications Advisors and Program Leaders by creating event graphics for use on social media, the blog, and distribution to firms
  • Review all existing graphics templates and guidelines; refresh and refine as necessary
  • Produce a graphics/branding guidelines package that can be used by others to ensure consistent branding among all committee print and digital graphics
  • Manage and delegate tasks to a small group of sub-committee members; mentor and teach others in order to ease future transition
  • Support the EAC Executive Committee by applying graphic templates to the annual committee plan, sponsorship packages, and other promotional graphics needs as necessary
  • Commit to the position for a one year term

In addition, the Graphics Advisor is encouraged to be a member of the AIA|DC, to participate in all monthly EAC meetings, and to attend EAC events as an ambassador for the committee.

All interested candidates should email Abi at abrown@hickokcole.com and Ricardo at rrodriguez@wdgarch.com with their contact info and a few work samples by Monday, November 9th. Bonus points for sample promotional graphics or event flyers!


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