Wonderland: The Hearth Installation at AIA|DC

Wonderland 2015: the hearth

Installation On View December 14, 2015 – January 4, 2016
SIGAL Gallery Storefront
District Architecture Center, 421 7th Street NW, Washington, DC 20004

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Fire is central to the winter experience. The hearth, a symbol for this time of celebration and community, can represent an architectural antidote to the impending dark and cold winter months. It is around fire and hearth that friends and families—even whole communities—gather to cook, share stories, and bond in its warmth and glow.

Walk by the District Architecture Center this holiday season to be warmed by the light of the Wonderland storefront display!

Designed by: Cooper Jones and Maureen McGee, Wonderland 2015 competition winners
Organized by: AIA|DC for the SIGAL Gallery storefront
Sponsored by: ABC Imaging

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Cooper Jones and Maureen McGee are recent transplants to DC from San Francisco. The husband-and-wife team collaborated on several design projects in San Francisco between 2013 – 2014, including two winter storefront installations for Faye’s Video and Espresso Bar in the Mission District. Jones now works for Jones & Boer Architects, and McGee is at McGraw Bagnoli Architects.


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