#ArchUncensored Speaker Spotlight: Nick Groch, AIA

AIA|DC’s Emerging Architects Committee is pleased to announce that Nick Groch, AIA, a Project Manager with Schrader Group Architecture, will be joining us for our April 20 discussion on The Myth of Work/Life Balance, the third installment of this year’s Architecture Uncensored series (Register here via AIA|DC).

Nick Groch, AIA, is a Project Manager with Schrader Group Architecture. He was born in Philadelphia, studied structural engineering at Lafayette College, and went on to earn a master’s degree in Architecture at the University of North Carolina. He married Courtney last year, with whom he reconnected after first meeting in graduate school, and they have a new baby girl named Clementine. In addition to his dual career in engineering and architecture, Nick also plays a superhero in his free time. Or a villain. Or an average Joe beset upon by some antagonistic force. His acting career, though modest, has brought him a great deal of fulfillment outside of the professional realm of architecture and design. In addition to hobbies such as home renovation, hunting, and beermaking, the single most constant aspect of his 36 years has been his commitment to physical fitness and well-being.

He shared with the Emerging Architects Committee a few thoughts on finding balance:

In my opinion, as architects, to use the term ‘balance’ in describing the interaction of what is commonly understood to be ‘life’ – that is, time outside of ‘work’ – and ‘work’ – in the studio or office – is an inaccurate representation of the way that life manifests itself for an architect. To be an architect is to live – indeed, to cherish – the profession and the act of conceptualizing in the mind and documenting on the digital platform. Understandably, once our formal education is complete, this is a daunting proposition for many who continue to work in the field. You expect me to love construction documentation, to which we commit 80% or more of our working hours (which is almost 1/3 of our adult waking hours)?

We become architects because of a passion for the act of creation. We remain architects because we believe that it is empowering to be the source for the commodity of design.

To be an architect with the ability to compartmentalize the work itself is what makes for a fulfilling life as an architect that includes family, friends, and, yes, hobbies. We become architects because of a passion for the act of creation. We remain architects because we believe that it is empowering to be the source for the commodity of design. If we work at it, we can achieve a life ‘balance’ which, for lack of a better physical example, is probably best represented by a lava lamp: constantly in flux, difficult to control with any rigidity, with individual globules that vary in size, form, and complexity – apt to glom together or pull apart at any given time during the journey.

Mr. Groch will be joined by:

Moderated by: Rachel Sposa, AIA – MTFA Architecture

WHEN: April 20, 2016, 6.30–8.00pm

WHERE: RTKL, 2101 L Street NW, Suite 200, Washington, D.C. 20007
PRICE: Students & Assoc. AIA members: $10; AIA & DAC members: $15; Non-members: $35. Registration required via AIA|DC.

Sponsored by: RTKL and SmithGroupJJR
Organized by: AIA|DC Emerging Architects Committee

Check back for more details as the events grow closer, and we hope to see you there! You can also follow along on Twitter using the hashtag #ArchUncensored

About Architecture Uncensored
Architecture Uncensored is an annual series organized by the Emerging Architects Committee that focuses on taboo topics and challenges young architects to look at important issues from multiple perspectives.


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