.@BWArchFdn Survey to Support Culture Change for Women in Design and Construction

In 2011, the BWAF launched the Dynamic National Archive. The Dynamic National Archive (DNA) was the first database of its kind – one site to feature the lives and accomplishments of the women of design and construction, for anyone to read and contribute to. Through a series of edit-a-thon events, over 1,300 of you contributed to this revolutionary archive.

However, in recent years, the DNA has fallen into disrepair. As they say, help comes from unexpected places: enter General Assembly. This NYC-based coding bootcamp saw what you all know: the DNA is an essential and effective way to promote culture change that supports women (and men). As a result, they have agreed to help BWAF make the DNA the best it can possibly be.

But they need your help! The students working on the DNA redesign need the opinions of supporters of BWAF’s cause in order to create the most useful site possible. It’s free and it takes less than 5 minutes.

I Want To Support Positive Change: Take Me To The Survey
By taking this short survey created by General Assembly students, your voice will directly influence the changes to the DNA, therefore driving culture change for women in design and construction.

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