5 Things to Know About the EAC to Kick Off 2017!

1. Our members are as diverse as the profession.

So… Who exactly is the EAC?

The AIA|DC Emerging Architect Committee is a group of young professionals who seek to learn from one another and grow within the Architectural Industry. There are no membership fees, and you do not have to be an AIA member to be active in the committee. The only requirement is that you have not been licensed for 10 years or more.

To be actively involved in the committee you can be part of our amazing core team or simply join our incredible events throughout the year! Core team members strategically plan and organize our programs, while forming lasting relationship across the profession.

2. We have 4 main areas of focus:

We believe that incredible opportunities come from within our own industry, and that sharing knowledge and collaborating with one-another is the best way to succeed as a profession. Our four main areas of focus are:

  • ADVOCATE for emerging architects
  • PROVOKE and talk about the future of the profession
  • MENTOR the next generation of architects
  • OUTREACH to the community, other AIA members, and the public

3. We all join for similar reasons, but we come with different perspectives…

The majority of our members will say the same thing when you ask: “Why did you join the EAC?” They will tell you that they were new to DC. Or that they were interested in growing their professional network. Or that they believe in a larger message to shape the profession.

The perspectives and backgrounds of our members and our program participants however, are far and farther between. Our members are architects, engineers, product reps, and consultants.  Our education and backgrounds span from coast to coast. Some are licensed and others never plan to be. And we each practice in very different ways.

Come share your story at the next committee meeting!

4. We meet to plan, and we plan to meet!

Our monthly committee meetings occur on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at Gensler (2020 K Street NW). Our various events however, happen throughout the year, typically on weekdays from 630-8pm, and range in locations all across the city.

Upcoming events are posted to the AIA|DC calendar one month in advance. If you are interested in learning more about events for the year, feel free to reach out to one of our executive committee members listed on the EAC webpage.

5. Events for everyone…

Our 20+ events over the course of the year are designed to connect people across all levels of experience in the profession, because lets be honest –  in architecture – there is always more to learn! From our Portfolio and Resume Building Workshops, to our Architecture Uncensored Series, to our joint Construction Tours with the Structural Engineers Association – the EAC program list is filled with exciting and educational events for all levels of experience.

We hope to see you at our next one!

Follow us on social media, #AIAdcEAC



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