What the *bleep* is an Architect?!


Architecture Uncensored is one of the most thought-provoking events the EAC organizes. Each year has a new theme, exploring topics that no one really discusses openly at work. Our discussions have been known to spur some gentle debate, but are always highly productive and very educational. The panel setup really encourages architects (and others!) to think about important issues from multiple perspectives.

This year, given the ever-evolving role of the profession with titles ranging from “master-builder” to “thought leader”, we are exploring what it means to be an architect in current times through the eyes of three groups: Architect / Client / Public. The theme: “What the *bleep* is an Architect?!” (Ironically, the title of Architecture Uncensored this year is, in fact, censored.. we can’t just say these things).

Our first discussion coming up on February 28th is called “What the *bleep* is an Architect?! In the Eyes of an Architect?” While planning, we thought finding panelists for this would be the easiest because “Hey, we know a lot of architects!”. The reality is it’s extremely difficult to determine what an architect IS because there are so many options. Architects really do SO MANY DIFFERENT THINGS. The goal of this first lecture is to try and define what it is that we DO. Selecting architects from firms throughout the area as well as the academic world should give us a great conversation and kick-off to the series.

I always leave these panel discussions feeling renewed and refreshed – they really confirm why I got into architecture and just how passionate our colleagues are about people and the environments we design. We’re pumped to have great panelists locked down for the first session and we’re looking forward to seeing you there!

Registration is live here via AIA|DC.

Mark your calendars with the dates!
• February 28 : “What the *bleep* is an Architect?! In the Eyes of an Architect?”
• March 28 : “What the *bleep* is an Architect?! In the Eyes of an Client?”
• April 25 : “What the *bleep* is an Architect?! In the Eyes of the Public?”


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