5 Favorites Friday

1. Event we are excited for:


The third lecture in the Architecture Uncensored series is coming up on Tuesday April 25th! Hosted by RTKL, start time at 6:30 PM. We’re looking forward to rounding out the series with an energetic discussion on how the public perceives the role of the architect. This should be an interesting one so make sure to register here!

2. If your favorite building material is concrete

3. If you still tell your coworkers about your thesis project:

Registration is live for the 2017 Thesis Showcase! If you have an accredited architecture degree, graduated in 2015 or after, and did a thesis project then you are able to apply. Submissions are due by June 15th, 2015!

4. For all the dog lovers out there

dog park

5. Because recently politics has you a little concerned about the economy:

The National Design Services Act Survey was created to help gather data on the amount of outstanding student debt in the profession in an effort to boost support in Congress. It’s quick and you can feel good about your advocacy resolutions!


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