5 Favorites: CKLDP Edition

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Christopher Kelley Leadership Development Program applications are due this month on June 26th! We wanted to highlight a few things about the program on the blog today. If you missed the intro session last week, check out the application details here.

1. What is the difference between a nomination and a recommendation?

The important difference is that the nomination should explain why the author and/or author’s firm sees the candidate as a current and/or future leader. A recommendation reinforces the personal qualities and professional traits of the applicant.

2. What’s the point of the agreement form?

The purpose of the agreement form is to get you talking with your supervisors about the time you will be missing by participating in the program. Firms have different ways of accommodating this (making up the time, allowing hours for professional development, etc.). Its important to get your managers involved ahead of the start of the program.

3. Is there tuition assistance available?

There is! It covers 50% of the program costs, but there are a few qualifiers.

4. What was your favorite part about the program?

“My favorite part of the Christopher Kelley Leadership Development Program was the time spent learning from the other scholars. It was an incredible experience getting to collaborate with peers in architecture who are driven, accomplished, and looking to take the next step toward becoming leaders in their firms and communities. Their example inspired me to expect more from my own career, and their insights helped me grow as a professional. They were also just damn nice people, and our group had a wonderful camaraderie that made the CKLDP a joy to attend. In addition to being terrific themselves, the other scholars brought in some incredible architectural talent from some of the best firms in DC to speak at each of the CKLDP sessions, which made even potentially dry material engaging and informative. If you’re looking for a great way to grow in architecture, apply for the Christopher Kelley Leadership Development Program! It’s one of the best professional decisions I ever made.”

-Adam Schwartz, CKLDP Alum ’16

5. How did the program impact you professionally?

Completing the CKLDP connected me with an amazing network of diverse and emerging architects – an invaluable opportunity after recently moving to the DC area. Learning how fifteen other professionals navigate their office – some by even setting up their own! – and apply leadership, marketing, research and business techniques to their career development was inspiring and helped me to refocus on my own career goals. My classmates came from all other the country, attended a wide variety of schools and work at the biggest and smallest firms in the area. Each person had a unique perspective, and was incredibly engaged in hearing about everyone’s experience. They are already regarded as leaders in their offices, managing projects as simple as single family homes and as complex as entire urban developments. Spending time with my classmates, both during the program and since graduating, continues to influence my leadership strategies both in my day to day activities as well as my long term plans. I can’t recommend the CKLDP to future scholars enough!

-Brandon Tobias, CKLDP Alum ’16

For more info about the background and application, check out the website!



EAC Monthly Meeting and #CKLDP application workshop, June 8


Join us at Hickok Cole Architects tonight for our monthly meeting.

One added bonus for tonight: We’re hosting a session on how to apply to AIA|DC’s Christopher Kelley Leadership Development Program (CKLDP) from 600-7.00pm. Our meeting will follow immediately after this session.

Read more about the CKLDP application workshop (and register for the session).

WHEN: Wednesday, June 8, 6.00-8.00pm
WHERE: Hickok Cole Architects: 1023 31st St. NW, Washington, D.C. 20007

CKLDP Workshop Flyer

CKLDP Call for Applications

Christopher Kelley Leadership Development Program (CKLDP)

Beginning in 2013, the AIA|DC chapter undertook an initiative to develop a program which would help train and nurture the next generation of leaders. With the success of the inaugural class, a call for applications was once again opened, and the Christopher Kelley Leadership Development Program has recently completed its second year.

The year-long program consists of nine individual half-day sessions attended by a competitively selected group of 16 emerging professionals. The curriculum focuses on core skills such as entrepreneurship and firm management, the art of negotiation, bringing in new clients, community leadership, industry trends, and developing your future within the practice.

The leadership program participants are responsible for planning and participating in each of the individual sessions. Each year, scholars from the previous year are selected to help guide the next year’s class. In this way, the program is constantly evolving, allowing for the scholars to be constantly learning about thoughts and ideas that are relevant within the architectural profession today.

AIA|DC proudly announces its Call for Applications to begin the evaluation process for the 2016 Class.  Applicants should submit the following:

  • Letter of Nomination
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Resume: include education, employment history, organizations and activities that you have been involved in, honors and awards that you have received.
  • Essay responses

For full CKLDP Application information, please visit https://ckldp.wordpress.com/

Begin your CKLDP Application online

Applications must be submitted by 5pm, Monday June 29, 2015.