Christina Shivers, M.Arch, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2015

Counter-Spaces and Notation Machines

Christina Shivers
Christina Shivers

The modern American city is organized into a multitude of spaces based upon function and use. These organized spaces dictate a prescribed behavior and social awareness resulting in a landscape of ill-fitting and awkward territories existing in opposition to one another. An unintended byproduct of these collisions is the counter-space. Akin to slag, sludge and waste resulting from modern industrial processes, the counter-space is the left-over and neglected space of the city resulting from the ever increasing hegemony of society. Hidden within plain site, abandoned and unused, these spaces exist everywhere.

This thesis seeks to understand and reveal these counter-spaces and their subsequent populations within the city of Atlanta in order to bring an awareness to the design of the city for all populations. The spatial-temporalities of counter-spaces will be understood through a de-territorialization of representation through notation and mapping. Through this act, a “cartography of events” will be created for each counter space using series of notation machines in which temporal stimuli from each counter-space site will be used as inputs for the machines.

About the presenter:
Growing up in a military family, Christina Shivers moved to a new location every two or three years; because of this, she considers many places and no place home. She is a recent graduate of architecture at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia and previously studied music at the Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida. Follow Christina on Instagram // Facebook

Read more about AIA|DC’s Emerging Architects Committee 2015 Thesis Showcase


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