Ranim Orouk, B.Arch, American University of Sharjah, 2015

Reconstructing the Middle East

Ranim Orouk
 Ranim Orouk

The project explores the relationship between Syria and Iraq’s past and future based on cataclysmic events such as war and destruction. It offers an imaginative approach to how cities form and function regardless of the urban theories.

Efforts to unite both countries into one country have existed since the modern states, however hostility between them started at the same time. The city proposes the re-creation of the war-torn countries into a one unified state, drawing on the old unification dreams.

As a result of the destruction and the shortage of land, artificial platforms would offer a solution to this problem. The city is divided into 2 sectors: The Past and The Future. It is composed of vertical elements of infrastructure that are replicated all around the state. They also hold horizontal platforms –placeholders for buildings-. Moreover, they provide built-in elevators that act as the main circulation method in the city.

The Past sector acts as the recreation zone. Plants grow on the rivers sides providing people with food. Moreover, Instead of maintaining the Future sector’s buildings, they get disposed to the Past Sector where recycling facilities are built. The structure emerges from the past sector towering above its crowded streets allowing people to travel back and forth; to get food, materials and also as a memorial. The Infrastructure is an evolving condition. By the time it reaches a certain high and weight, it stars sinking; controlling the city’s height, and assuring that new structural elements replace the old ones simultaneously.

About the presenter:

Ranim received her Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the American University of Sharjah in 2015. Born in Syria and raised in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Ranim has had the privilege of experiencing differed cultures. Her main interest is exploring the impacts of politics and social change on settlements in areas of conflict and war. Follow Ranim on Instagram.

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